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By 7th November 2018 advice, dentures

Not all denture teeth are created equally. Dentures made with the best teeth on the market offer the most life like appearances and are crafted using the most advanced material science to ensure an enhanced appearance and dependable wear years to come.

You may look at some people and know they are wearing dentures and you look at others and question if they are wearing dentures or not. This is not by chance, but has yo do with three main factors

  • The shape of the teeth
  • The colours and surface texture of the teeth
  • The placement of the teeth

Premium teeth are designed to look like natural teeth with gender specific tooth shapes and colours that complement the age and personality of the patient.

Depending on your needs, we can choose from a selection of tooth shapes and a variety of materials, such as highly durable acrylic resin or Nano hybrid composite that resists wear, chipping, cracking and staining. Advanced layering techniques allows false teeth to look amazingly life like by replicating the depth and beauty of natural teeth.

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