Dentures that give confidence

The Ultimate in Age Appropriate Life-Like Lasting Smiles. Not all dentures are made the same way, or with the same types of materials. The most life-like options available are dentures made with the best materials on the market using the most advanced techniques to ensure a comfortable fit and long-lasting wear for years to come.

With dentures made using brands of teeth such as Enigma Life, Candulor, Ivoclar Phonares, Merz Artegral you have a true to nature smile based on your unique facial characteristics and personality, as well as your preferences. The final result we present at Active Dental to our patients is not just a denture, but a smile that fits you perfectly giving you the confidence you were looking for.

Whilst we produce a wide range of bespoke products, all of which carry a 12 month guarantee, we are happy to repair prosthetic devices which may not have been produced by our laboratory as a service to the public.

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Teeth that are right for you.

Dentures made with the best teeth on the market offer the most life like appearances and are crafted using the most advanced material science to ensure an enhanced appearance and dependable wear years to come.

You may look at some people and know they are wearing dentures and you look at others and question if they are wearing dentures or not. This is not by chance, but has yo do with three main factors

  • The shape of the teeth
  • The colours and surface texture of the teeth
  • The placement of the teeth

Premium teeth are designed to look like natural teeth with gender specific tooth shapes and colours that complement the age and personality of the patient.

Depending on your needs, we can choose from a selection of tooth shapes and a variety of materials, such as highly durable acrylic resin or Nano hybrid composite that resists wear, chipping, cracking and staining. Advanced layering techniques allows false teeth to look amazingly life like by replicating the depth and beauty of natural teeth.


Five easy steps to your new dentures

Step One

During your first visit your Clinical Dental Technician Colin Wilson Dip CDT RCSEd would like to firstly discuss what your reasons are for wanting a new denture/s and if you are currently wearing dentures what is it you are not happy with and would like to change.

With informed consent Colin would like to briefly inspect your mouth and denture/s so he has a clear understanding of your complaints. If you have any natural teeth, retained roots or implants present you would need to see our dentist for them to check you are dentally fit for Colin to restore around.

The dentist will examine your gum tissue, bone structure, and any existing teeth. It may also be necessary to take X-rays that will help the dentist determine if a partial or full denture is appropriate. In some cases, tooth extractions, fillings may be necessary.

Once the dentist has made the decision you are suitable for dentures Colin will take impressions of your mouth. He will then take the impressions to the dental laboratory and he or his highly skilled team who will work closely with Colin to create the perfect, most natural looking smile for you.

Step Two

From the primary impressions the laboratory would have constructed custom made special trays for Colin take the final functional impression. This impression captures the natural movements of your mouth and is used to create the contours and border of your new denture.

A bite registration could also be recorded during this appointment but not always, this is case dependent. The bite registration is used to determine the relationship between the upper and lower jaws.

There are various methods used to obtain the bite and Colin will determine which one is appropriate. Tooth Selection will also be performed at this appointment based on the results of the jaw measurements, facial landmarks, and your specific preferences. Active Dental offers denture qualities based on Basic, Classic, Natural or Signature options.

Step Three

In some cases, where extractions are required, an immediate denture is made – this will help minimize swelling and you will never be without teeth. Colin will help you insert your denture and then notify you of when your permanent smile will be ready. If you did not get an immediate denture, then your teeth will be set in a wax base that will be inserted in your mouth.

You now have the opportunity to see exactly how your new smile will look. You must decide if the colour, size, and tooth arrangement meet with your approval. You may want to bring a significant other who you value for a second opinion.

Once you are satisfied and you have given Colin your approval your new denture can be finished into the acrylic base. Be sure all the details of your new smile have been addressed before giving Colin the final approval.

It is important to remember, although it may be necessary to make adjustments to the acrylic denture base to improve the fit and comfort of the denture, once the denture has been finished in the acrylic base it is not possible to make changes to the tooth position.

Now that you are happy with your new smile, Colin will take the wax try-in to the lab to be finished.

Step Four

Delivery of your new smile: At the last step of the new smile process you and Colin will review the fit of your new smile. Please keep in mind that as with anything new – a new smile takes time to get used to.

In some cases, slight adjustments are necessary to ensure you have the best fitting denture and the most natural smile. If you had an immediate denture, you may need additional time for your mouth to heal and the swelling to subside before your final denture will fit properly.

In certain situations, it may be necessary to have your denture re-lined or to have a final denture made for a proper fit to be achieved.

Step Five

You should be given a follow-up appointment after your delivery appointment since adjustments are usually required to address any sore spots that may occur as the denture settles into the soft tissue. At this time Colin will do an oral exam and check the fit of your dentures and if necessary, adjustments will be made.

This is also an opportunity for your denture to be professionally cleaned and polished at this time. If you have pain or discomfort, call your Active Dental immediately. Do not try to make adjustments to your denture.

We suggest that you:

• Follow up after a period of six months and then once yearly for annual recall.
• Reline your dentures every 2 to 3 years.
• Replace your dentures every 5 to 8 years.

Getting Used to Dentures

As with anything new, it is going to take some time to get used to it. The time it takes to get used to your new smile is different for everyone, but there are a few things you can do that will help you and your body adjust more quickly.

Eating Tips

  • Start by eating soft foods – eggs, mashed potatoes, chopped meat or fish.
  • Avoid foods that can be sticky or hard to chew – chewing gum, gummy candy.
  • Take small bites and chew slowly – and avoid biting with your front teeth. Keep chewing in the back of your mouth as you are adjusting.
  • As you master these steps, begin to move on to harder-to-eat items and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying everything you did before!

Speech Tips

  • Practice speaking aloud – this is a great way to build confidence and work through sounds that may be difficult to say at first.